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Mjolnir will provide new solid fit with soft and light cotton and is set for training and competitions.

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The championship is just finished and Armour Wear has a great experience with his team and also with collaboration with STOCKMMA that expose our gis.

Armour team was well represented in black belt from Karim Ait Khalifa got his 3rd place in his first European Championship as Black Belt, only Lucio Lagarto was able to stop Karim’s aggressive jiu jitsu.

Andrea Verdemare also compete in Rooster Adult Black Belt and got 3rd place to showing his great guard job, losing in the semifinal with nothing less than Caio Terra.

Thomas Oyarzun did a great job but was stopped by Victor Silvero just for 1 advantage.

Serena Gabrielli take a gold medal beating the 2014 purple belt world champion in her finals showing how complete is her game.

If you miss the streaming live you can assist to the black belt competition here and live the biggest IBJJF’s event in the history:


Check out also our little gallery:

Guys we are finally back on our blog and like always we want to offer to you something more in addition to our great products, we pretend to keep you updated with newest positions from the greates champions, because our finally goal is keep the jiu jitsu movement ahead!

Today we decide to share a study on one of the most effective sweep performed from different champions like Rodolfo Vieira, Ruben “Cobrinha” Charles, Ottavio Souza and many more.


Take a look to this video:

Leonardo Vieira is one of the leggendary Vieira Bros. He is one of the most exciting comeptitior in the jiu jitsu history, having an aggressive and acrobatic style. Today we want to share with you a great match from the first Copa Do Mundo. Do you think the jiu jitsu of this time is better than the modern jiu jitsu?



Some years ago was Berimbolo, after was 50/50…this year was the worm guard time!
BJJ continue on his evolution, for the happiness of BJJ NERD, creating every years new movement that give the start for new revolution.
But in the history there are always those that going crazy for the innovation, and those that reject it.

We want share with you some videos of his inventor and some solution of

This HL is from Keenan’s seminar in Japan:

Now first pass coming from one of the best guard passer of the world:

Other interesting option come from Spanish black belt Sergio Calderon that use berimbolo movement to take the back:

Last but not least a great video analysis of Bruno Malfacine escape in the World Final against Joao Miyao:

Michael Langhi is one of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lightweights in the World, being known especially for his amazingly flexible guard game. Langhi busted into the main stream of BJJ in his first year as a black belt (2009) after winning all four main competitions in IBJJF’ calender (Brasileiro, European Open, Pan American and World Championship) in the lightweight division. He was named “BJJ Fighter of the year” by the press on that same year. Michael is also the older brother of another Jiu Jitsu starlet, Michel Langhi who was awarded his black belt in 2011.


Caio Terra is a world Jiu Jitsu champion who competes under the CTBJJA (Caio Terra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association). The Brazilian black belt has had a controversial career in BJJ, having left his first team and coach in less then amicable terms but having managed an amazing and rampant rise to black belt. He has also been known for his constant battles with Jiu Jitsu’s refereeing and more recently being outspoken about steroid use in the sport. In 2012 after several years teaching at Cesar Gracie‘s Gracie Elite gym in the US, Caio Terra was released from the team after he accepted to prepare a rival fighter, Carlos Condit for his UFC 154 fight (more details on the Caio Terra Interview). But controversy aside, Caio is by far one of the most talented fighters in his division who has had success as a grappling coach as well.

Metamoris 3 was one of most incredible bjj events of this year with clash of new talents and old legends.

If you don’t have had chance to see it we wanna give you the opportunity to enjoy the all event totally free just click on the link below:


Armour team love BJJ in all his aspect and his history, so we decided to start a new series of post dedicated to the past events and personalities of jiu jitsu, because we have to look to the future without forgetting the past.

To start we wanna share with you this great video from the brazilian program “passando a guarda” on an old editions of PanAms.

This is first time for the young Alexandre Ribeiro as black belt, the phenomenon Fernando Margarida has faced the unstoppable Fabio Gurgel in the absolute final and many other big name was in the game.

Unfortunately this video is in portuguese but we are sure that you can enjoy the fight scene!

Luiz Panza is the new PanAms champion defeating Bernardo Farias in the final.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Marco Barbosa, Luiz is one of the top heavyweight competitors of his generation. A former professional model, Luiz Panza traded the catwalk for Jiu Jitsu, turning professional in 2013. On his first year as a black belt competitor, Luiz immediately made a name for himself piling up medals at the highest level of BJJ, including the Mundial, Pan American (gi and no gi), Brazilian Nationals AKA the Brasileiro (gi and no gi) as well as the world pro cup trials.