The championship is just finished and Armour Wear has a great experience with his team and also with collaboration with STOCKMMA that expose our gis.

Armour team was well represented in black belt from Karim Ait Khalifa got his 3rd place in his first European Championship as Black Belt, only Lucio Lagarto was able to stop Karim’s aggressive jiu jitsu.

Andrea Verdemare also compete in Rooster Adult Black Belt and got 3rd place to showing his great guard job, losing in the semifinal with nothing less than Caio Terra.

Thomas Oyarzun did a great job but was stopped by Victor Silvero just for 1 advantage.

Serena Gabrielli take a gold medal beating the 2014 purple belt world champion in her finals showing how complete is her game.

If you miss the streaming live you can assist to the black belt competition here and live the biggest IBJJF’s event in the history:


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